The Turner Family has owned waterfront real estate in Bellevue, Talbot County Maryland since the 1950’s.  Bellevue is a village and peninsula in the Royal Oak Maryland zip code 21662.

In 2009, during the great recession, John’s parents, Leon (80 yrs. old) and Charlotte Turner, were losing all their assets, including 4 properties in Bellevue.  Of those 4 properties, Talbot County had already auctioned off two for back taxes.  All of the properties secured a loan more than 6 months in arrears.  Foreclosure was imminent.

Their major source of income, Charlotte’s restaurant, had been losing money.  In addition, Charlotte was in poor health.  She had postponed needed surgeries for years.  Charlotte's medications included nitro-glycerin for her heart.

Leon and Charlotte Turner called their son John for help. 

John did what Americans do:  He answered the call.  Later, Scheme Participants would make John suffer for his loyalty, ethnicity and Christian beliefs.

From California, John purchased the defaulted loan from the bank, redeemed the properties auctioned for taxes, brought his parents business debts up to date, and provided Leon and Charlotte cash for living expenses, transportation, and medical needs.  Within weeks, Leon and Charlotte again had ownership and control of their property.

John’s father Leon was born on Gates Street Bellevue.  Bellevue was the only home Leon knew.  John got a construction loan to build a house at 5696 Gates Street. 

John did all of the above while still in California.

In October 2009, after John’s daughter seemed comfortable at Stanford University in Palo Alto California, John returned to Talbot County, Maryland. He moved his parents into a comfortable apartment.  His mother’s surgeries began a few weeks later.  She would have 3 major invasive surgeries within the following twelve months.

Construction of the Gates Street home began in March 2010 or thereabouts. Fo r Lawyers  

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