All of the following communications became public information between August 2014 and August 2016 when submitted to the US Federal Courts.  However, Scheme Participants, via what they call “False US Courts,” “Traitors” and “Moles,” corrupted the entire constitutional judicial process.

Communications reveal details of the plan, the names and positions of complicit judicial officers and employees.  Code names and monikers of Scheme Participants are also revealed.  For instance, the fraud perpetrated in and on the United States District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego), is code named “NITA  L STORMES.”   NITA L STORMES is listed as the magistrate judge on John’s case.  Scheme Participants even created an extensive legend for NITA L STORMES on the Internet.

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John's supplied the following information to federal courts.
Petitioner = John

  1. Maryland Talbot County DA Offer and SDDA Acceptance
  2. Dividing Up Petitioner’s Assets
  3. Implement Arrest, Purchase Insurance and Kill Petitioner
  4. Maryland and California Participants Collude to Taint Evidence
  5. Plan and Overt Acts to Bribe and Subvert Defense Counsel
  6. Court Shun Begins on Petitioner’s Birthday
  7. Participants Set Up IDOT Insurance Scam
  8. Kill Petitioner Prior to Trial and Frame CI For His Murder
  9. Cover-up and Evasion of Federal Authority
  10. IV: Participant Communications
  11. IV (B) SDDA Complainant Drugged and Restrained
  12. IV (C) Turner Family Members to be Killed – Foreign Agents Contracted For Hit
  13. IV (D) Tea Party Contracts Israel’s Mossad
  14. IV (E) Mossad Force Really In U.S. To Assist Secession
  15. IV (F) Maryland Tea Party Hires Israel Mossad Force for False Forum
  16. IV (G) States  Conspire to Fabricate Evidence to Frame Petitioner
  17. IV (H) State Intentional Use of False Recordings
  18. IV (I) Interference in DOJ Investigation
  19. IV (J) Court Shun Juror Seats Issued to Maryland Tea Party
  20. IV (K) Religious Animus Against Petitioner as a Christian
  21. IV (L) Tea Party and States Finalize Plans for False Evidence
  22. IV (M) Final Preparations For MF False Jurors Shun
  23. IV (N) At The Mossad Force Liar’s Court Shun
  24. IV (O) Petitioner Refuses to Testify
  25. IV (P) After The Mossad Force False Juror Court and False Arrest
  26. IV (Q) State Conspire to Deny U.S. Supremacy – “RUN OFF” Federal Government
  27. IV (R) Shun DA Believed to Have Betrayed Real Estate Con
  28. IV (S) Tea Party and MF Contract SD CO Sheriff Nurse For Hit
  29. IV (T) Petitioner Sends Letter, From Jail, To CA and Maryland Governors
  30. IV (U) Particpants Arrange False U.S. Courts
  31. IV (V) Collaborator Allows Particpants to Mine USSC Data, Falsify Output
  32. IV (W) Particpants Continue to Provide DOJ False Evidence
  33. IV (X) Particpant Discussion of RICO Act Violations
  34. J US Marshals Office John Turners
  35. J (I) Sheriff Installs “Stun Cams” in Petitioner’s Personal Vehicle
  36. J (II) Participants Lose Track of Petitioner – Mossad Force Joins Hunt
  37. J (III) Potential Lawsuit Concerns Participants
  38. J (IV) Stun Cams Installed in Petitioner’s Rental Car
  39. J (V) Participant Proposes False Jurors at Court Shun
  40. J (VI) CA AG Questioned About False Forum – Tea Seated on False Jurors
  41. J (VII) MF Court Shun Ends.  Petitioner Denied USSC Access
  42. J (VIII) Participants Discuss Petitioner’s Letter to Kamala Harris, CA AG
  43. J (IX) Court Shun Transcript Altered
  44. IV (Y) Complainants and Witnesses Drugged and Coerced
  45. IV (Z) Palo Cop Team Flies to LA – Deploys Directed Energy Weapon
  46. V: Source of the Messages
  47. VI: The Discovery of GAG Operation Intentional Anagrams Fo r Lawyers  


For more information or questions:

California Superior Court case SCN282017
California Appellate case D062363
California Supreme Case S217167
US District Court Case 14-CV-1966-GPC