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DIR ENERGY = Direct(ed) Energy

***Directed-energy weapons and/or systems means: any device(s) which use any directed, beamed, or pulsed emission of electromagnetic radiation and/or energy (which is comprised of any sound, infrasound, infrasonic, light, infrared, ultraviolet, heat, millimeter wave, or microwave radiation and/or energy), which is capable of any of the following : 1) causing pain, injury, disability, discomfort, incapacitation, disorientation, distraction, or alteration or deg radatio of any perception. performance, task, skill or job; and/or 2) inducing sleep; and/or 3) stunning; and/or 4) causing nausea or seizure; and/or 5), decreasing spontaneous activity; and/or 6) affecting, modifying, influencing, or controlling any activity, behavior or bodily functions; and/or 7) causing any other adverse effect on any part of system of the human body.

The preceding would include states of giddiness, euphoria, loss of inhibition, susceptibility to suggestion, reduction in higher reasoning, loss of muscle control, decreased ability to sense and protect oneself from danger, unjustified fear, anxiety, fatique and the failure to control one's actions.

Directed-energy weapons can disrupt and even prevent repiratory functions, causing heart attack, stroke and death simulating the effects of sleep apnea Fo r Lawyers  


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