Working with government officials in the Office of the California Attorney General and Office of the San Diego California District Attorney, Scheme Participants negotiated a deal for John to be falsely charged in San Diego, California.  The deal was for California Scheme Participants to receive cash and a cut of John's Bellevue Talbot County Marylant real estate assets.

John was falsely arrested and subjected to a fake trial.

Turner family members were drugged and coerced.  Scheme Participants, using directed energy, a new weaponized technology, tortured John and his family members.  Directed energy weapons leave little or no forensic evidence, thus providing deniability (see Directed Energy Weapon definition).

Scheme Participants intended to kill John and Turner Family members.  Their communications corroborate:

  1. Page 13, #22 (Condoleezza Rice) CONDI: AFTER LAST STUN, HIRE ME JOHN RAT. FUSSES
  2. Page 14, #34 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN: IF JOHN RAT CAN ARR SELF- SHOUT , MUST SET DIE
  3. Page 14, #35 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN: IF JOHN RAT DIE HR, LOSE MAR ST ASSET CUT. FUN
  4. App 114, #201 Condoleezza Rice (CR): STANFORD TARGET TS INCA BY FORCE. DIES, NO TIE TO YOU
  5. App 105, #63 Bonnie Dumanis (BONNIE): IF TRY CASE SD CO, ARR DIE YOUNG AFTER. COST TO IT
    ARR = Arranged
  6. App 105, #64 Kamals Harris ( CA AG): IF NON RET, BEST ARR DIE CCI. NO TIES OF SD TRY TO YOU
    RET = Return CCI = California Correctional Institution where Petitioner is illegally held at present.
  7. App 105, #65 Doug Gansler (AG): RAY TIE INS. NO OOFST BAIT. FOR DIE ONCE SD TRY, REC CUT
    INS = Insurance   OOFST = Out of State  REC = Receive
  8. App 110, #142 Dianne Feinstein (DIANE): MOSSAD FORCE HIT, SET STRESSFUL GAG
  9. App 110, #152 David Morse (MORSE): CI OFFERS GAG ASSETS UNTIL SD DEATH
    CI = Confidential Informant
  10. App 112, #177 Condoleezza Rice (CR): IF ID ST NET ASSETS, USE SAME GAG FOR HOLD
  11. App 112, #180 Daniel Goldstein (DG): CAN TRY DIE AFTER CI AR. SO, IF NO CO TRY, BE NO TIES TO US
    AR = Arrived
  12. Page 23, #255 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN: IF HAS LEON START, CAN DIE HR. MF JUST USE TRO
    TRO = Temporary Restraining Order
    LEON = Leon Turner, Senior, John's father
  13. Page 27, #342 (Condoleezza Rice) RICE: FOR JOHN NAT DEATH, MF LET NUR SE ASSIST US
    NAT = Natural
  14. Page 14, #43 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN : SAFE JOHN DIE. A LAST ST CO TURNER. MF RUSH IT
  15. Page 14, #44 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN: ST CO TURNERS DIE, THUS JOHN MF TRIAL SAFE
  16. Page 14, #45 (Dianne Feinstein) SEN : HALF OF TURNER ASSET JOHN ' S. RAT CI MUST DIE
    CI = Confidential Informant, Lisa Harris - Newman

In the last 18 months, 5 male Bellevue Turners have died. (John Turner learned of these deaths only weeks ago):

Hayward Turner (January 2015), Leon Turner Sr (John’s father, August 2015), Samuel E Turner Jr. (November 2015), Donald Gardner (Son of Sabre Turner, June 2016) and Leon Turner Jr. (John’s brother, August 2016). Hayward and Samuel are brothers.

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For more information or questions:

California Superior Court case SCN282017
California Appellate case D062363
California Supreme Case S217167
US District Court Case 14-CV-1966-GPC