John’s Present Status

On September 15th, 2016, John was realeased from prison pending probation.  Prison personnel immediately transported John to the Kern County Sherriff Office where he was arrested/detained on a bench warrant from the Circuit Court for Talbot County Maryland.  The Circuit Court case number is 20-K-13-010408.  The Talbot County warrant and charges are just a continuation of the unlawful scheme, another fraudulent legal entanglement  to prevent John access to family, friends and legal professionals. 

John Exposed the fraudulent extradition documents in a Habeas Corpus petition filed in Kern County (CA) Superior Court case HC015366A on 1/6/17.  See the extradition documents and fraud.

John’s Kern County judges were: COLETTE M HUMPHREY and STEVEN M KATZ.
On Donald Trump’s inauguration day, January 20, 2017 John was transferred to Talbot County Maryland.  The symbolism and timing is unmistakable. 

John is housed at: Talbot County Department of Corrections, inmate number 170013. 
115 West Dover Street
Easton, MD 21601

Don’t believe the Supreme Court Docket Entries.  Through use of traitors, moles and cyber fraud, the Participants have installed a virtual barrier around the US Government.

Now, John is only allowed paper and pencil, which is not acceptable to file in any court.  Effectively, the State and County are overtly keeping John from the courts.  John needs competent legal counsel. Fo r Lawyers  


For more information or questions:

California Superior Court case SCN282017
California Appellate case D062363
California Supreme Case S217167
US District Court Case 14-CV-1966-GPC