What John Needs

John needs funds to retain appropriate legal counsel and your help in protecting our country.

For years, John has been denied communication with family as well as confidential communication with lawyers.  That is evidenced by the death of so many Turners without John’s knowledge.  John documented, on public record, that his court petitions were consistently returned undelivered, ripped and mutilated one to two months after mailing.  Scheme Participants are relentlessly evil and will not peacefully coexist with our democracy.

Now, John has been separated from his case files, typewriter, office supplies and legal research workstation.  He is allowed paper and pencil only, not even ink pens.  Effectively, Scheme Participants have rendered John unable to access the courts.  Again, John needs quality legal assistance on both fronts.  We all benefit by helping John.


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For more information or questions:

California Superior Court case SCN282017
California Appellate case D062363
California Supreme Case S217167
US District Court Case 14-CV-1966-GPC